Architectural Process

Our Process. Tailored for Your Project.

We practice architecture as a form of living sculpture. Design can elevate your daily experience, combining aesthetic beauty with functional comfort. Our process of creating beautiful, life-enhancing architecture includes several fundamental stages:

Discovery – Learning About Your Project

Every project and home is as unique as the people living within it. During initial conversations, we learn about your project goals, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences. This informs the project scope and early design ideas that will give shape to your distinctive vision and needs. We also broadly discuss potential budgets and timelines.

Vitale Schematic Hand Drawing
Schematic Design Process Hand Sketches New
Hand Sketch Stone Porch

1. Schematic Phase – Giving Your Vision Form

Your dream home begins to take shape during this first design phase. We explore how your property’s distinct advantages can be integrated in the design – including views, landscaping, or historic character – based on a site study. For renovation or addition projects, our team meticulously documents the existing character of your home, setting, and surroundings.

In your first design meeting, Mathew may sketch possible design ideas by hand. Room layouts and aesthetics are discussed, from both pragmatic and philosophical perspectives. Our interior design team will help you consider interior fixtures and finishes, and establish interiors allowances as part of your project budget. The project budget also becomes more concrete at this stage, and we identify required approvals.

When a design concept is chosen, our team creates highly-detailed, scaled renderings of your home, often with complementary site designs. By the end of the schematic phase, you have a clearly-defined design concept, ready to take to the next level.

Exterior Elevation Rendering
Architect Designing Computer
Schematic Rendering Exterior Elevation rev

2. Design Phase – Bringing All the Elements Together

As your design concept is developed in more detail, your new home comes to life before your eyes. The site design is developed alongside a landscape designer and engineer, and interior architecture and finishes are integrated with the exterior architecture. Our in-house interior design services tie the interiors together with the architecture beautifully, aligning every detail inside and out.

Expressive renderings help you envision how your project design will appear when complete, and our intricate drawings present the functional and aesthetic character and details of your project – from exterior materials to built-ins and interiors fixtures.

To select building materials, we invite you to see and feel the options in-person. This tactile experience helps inform your decisions about these special touches that help define how your home looks and functions.

Interiors Allowance Client Meeting

3. Construction Drawing Phase – Delivering the Blueprint for Your Dream

Each home has its own story to tell, so each of our detailed drawings is tailored to your project’s unique requirements. Our finely-detailed construction drawings include all the information your builder needs to procure a building permit and build your home. Our team partners with your builders and other professionals to ensure accuracy and consistency in construction and permitting.

We make the construction document process as stress-free as possible, so you can enjoy the experience of building your dream project instead of worrying about logistical details.

Site Observation – Bringing Your Project Home

Your project is transforming from design drawings to built form, and we can provide a second set of expert eyes at every step of construction. Our team visits your construction site regularly during this optional phase, to ensure that every detail of your architectural design is followed and the project progresses in a timely manner.